Navona – beyond the tourists, as a new beginning

For all tourists, Navona Square ( Piazza Navona) in Rome is a must-stop from the Eternal City Tour.

For us, in Navona International, it is something more personal.

This otherwise popular tourist destination has become the beginning of a beautiful journey – both personally and professionally.

We called our family company to import luxury cosmetics Navona because we wanted to preserve the spirit and emotions that this place brought us.

The Italian style and aesthetics were brought to the interior of the beauty studio that we created a few years later – Navona Health & Beauty Studio. ( @Mark please make it a link so people can click and see the Studio. Also at the BG version).

And now when we sometimes go back to Navona Square where everything started, we feel how Italy has influenced the whole way in which we develop our business – we value beauty, choose trusted partners, and create, hopefully, an unforgettable experience for our customers through quality Products and services we offer.

Ciao, Navona